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Farming Habitat

Jan 2023

Farming Habitat

Nature Education - Explore, Experience and Appreciate the Wonder of Nature 

Mother Nature in itself is a pure, abundant and wondrous learning environment. The best way for children to become acquainted with nature is to let them explore, experience and appreciate the wonder of nature themselves. 

Starting from 2023, Learning Habitat Kindergarten will integrate Nature Education into the school-based curriculum. We will lead our students out of the classroom into Farming Habitat to experience a journey of nature exploration. 

Becoming a nature explorer

The children will become little explorers in the Farming Habitat and carry out different missions. They will experience farming, participate in exploratory activities to discover the beauty of nature, and build their own constructive play with creativity and imagination. We hope that through these different activities, children can experience and enjoy nature from different perspectives. 

We will also invite parents to participate in some of the activities and enjoy the simple joy that nature offers for them and their child. 

Instilling Life Education into our children

We at LHK believe in bringing not only Nature Education, but Life Education, to our children. We encourage them to appreciate, cherish and respect nature and our surroundings. We also aim to foster their love for oneself, others and the natural environment. In time, we hope they will grow up to be full of health, vitality and positivity.